Save and organize your links

Organize your Bookmarks

All your bookmarks in one place. Store URLs and links in one central location, keep track of everything.

Use Tags

With the help of tags you bring order to your bookmarks. You can create as many tags as you want and assign unlimited tags to each bookmark.

Create favorites

You can mark your favorite bookmarks as favorites to always have quick access to them.

Sync across devices

iCloud sync keeps all your bookmarks up to date on all your devices at all times. All by itself. No private information about you ever gets on the Internet. Likewise, no usage statistics or analysis data is collected.

Share bookmarks from other apps

Use the share function in other apps to store URLs and links directly in bookmarks.

Dark Mode

Easy on the eyes, at day and night. Choose between a dark, bright or system appearance, to suit your needs.

Version History

Version 1.4

19. Juli 2020


  • It's now possible to search for bookmarks. Tap the textfield at the top and type away. Searchable information includes a bookmark's title, url and notes.
  • A new detail screen shows all information on a bookmark in one place. Write notes, set tags or change the title — just tap and hold a bookmark and select "Bookmark Info"

Version 1.3

8. Juni 2020


  • Rename bookmarks: It's now possible to rename individual bookmarks and enter your own titles.
  • Alternative browsers: Open bookmarks in one of the following alternative browsers: Opera Touch, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, iCab Mobile

Version 1.2.4

5. Juni 2020


  • This version fixes an issue where bookmarks were assigned wrong tags after reordering tags.

Version 1.2.3

4. Juni 2020


  • This updates fixes an issue that sometimes prevented Tags from synching correctly.

Version 1.2.2

1. Juni 2020


  • You can now attach notes to individual bookmarks.


  • The overall stability of the app was greatly improved. Bookmarks now runs more smoothly and performant than ever.

Version 1.2.1

25. Mai 2020


  • New icons in the main menu
  • You can now drag a bookmark on the "Favorites" menu entry to add it to the favorites
  • A new Favorites-indicator marking a bookmark as favorite

Version 1.2

24. Mai 2020

New on iPad only

  • Support for Drag and Drop
  • Drag URLs and Links from other apps onto the app to add them as bookmarks
  • Drag Bookmarks on tags to assign them


  • Reorder tags by dragging them

Version 1.1.1

15. Mai 2020


  • The delete confirmation dialogue now gets shown only a couple of times


  • The share extension's cancel and save buttons showed their titles in the wrong language

Version 1.1

9. Mai 2020


  • Choose if you want to open a bookmark inside the app or in Safari
  • Redesigned share extension
  • Dark mode


  • iPad didn't show the Navigation Bar in Split View mode

Version 1.0.2

27. April 2020


  • Removed navigation bars and put the functionality into buttons and context menues

Version 1.0.1

26. April 2020


  • Bookmarks are now grouped by "Today", "Yesterday", "This week" and earlier months

Version 1.0

21. April 2020

Initial release

  • Create and manage bookmarks
  • Create and manage tags
  • Share bookmarks from other apps
  • Sort into favorites or the trash
  • Sync between iPhone and iPad